The Teaching Artist Questionnaire - IT'S HERE!

“Improbable Beautiful” 

The Teaching Artist Questionnaire

1. How long have you been a teaching artist?

2. What discipline(s) do you teach?

3. Describe the setting(s) in which you teach.
(K-5, after school, university, community center, etc…)

4. Describe the relationship between your personal art practice and your art teaching?

5. How do you sustain your art while teaching?

6. Who shaped your initial thinking about teaching art?

7. What training in the arts and/or education have you had?

8. How do you develop and deepen your teaching practice?

9. What are the biggest challenges you face as a teaching artist?

10. What are the unexpected rewards of being a teaching artist?

11. What advice do you have for artists interested in teaching?

Please share one anecdote of a memorable Teaching Artist experience.

Please share any upcoming events or shows you are involved in so we can find out more about your personal art practice. Provide links to websites, event sites, etc.

Please provide at least one image in the following area: your art, student art (no photos of students), or an image that represents you.

SEND completed responses to Constance Moore You may type your answers into the body of the email or send Word docs.  Images should be no larger than 5 x 7 (500KB and 72DPI) PLEASE do not send large images.

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